Wednesday, 25 May 2011

2011 so far!

So after getting a few competitions out of the way early in the year (BBC’s and CWIF) it was time for a change. Although over the last few years I have taken a break from bouldering over the summer to go and climb some routes I’ve never really given a concentrated amounted of time to training for them. This year however, I made the decision to make endurance training a priority and spent the majority of March and April going round and round in circles on circuit boards and snatching moments before work to do just a little more.

With time out at crags coming at a bit of a premium these days, I’m finding that it’s not only my training that I need to change but also my attitude, I’m working hard to change my mindset from “I’ll just do it next time” to “I’ll give it a go now”, not always easy but the work is starting to pay off.

Two weeks ago I made a quick redpoint of Space Race (7b+) at Malham and I’m now super psyched to get going with some other longer (for me!) and harder routes both at Malham and Kilnsey.

New Dawn provided some fun at the weekend with the legendary start leaving me a little sore the day after, but with all the moves done and large sections linked I guess it’s time to get on the sharp end. I might wait till the gale force winds have stopped though!

I’m not the only one who’s feeling the route psyche, with Dave making a very impressive ascent of Supercool (8a+) at Gordale last week in the pouring rain! I’ll have to pull my finger out if I want to get up that one!

No photos I’m afraid, but I will remember my camera next time!


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