Sunday, 8 May 2011

sun's out, guns out

yo yo yo!!

Over the last few weeks I have been climbing mainly at Malham. The boots, the body and the mind are feeling good- I’m really enjoying climbing and don’t feel pressured in any way!! After all, climbing is all about the fun and social (standard)!!
I have been working my way through the never-ending list of routes I have planned to climb this year. These include:- Queen of Hearts 7c (flash), Main Overhang 8a, Toadal Recall 8a, Straightened 8a and Predator 8b.

I have also tried The Groove 8a+ but didn’t quite have the fitness required for this stern, 8a+. I will have to revisit this route later on in the year.

I have also had a few trips to Longridge (my local training venue) and managed to complete “the traverse of the gods” fr 8B+ twice in a day. Once left to right then in reverse right to left. Well buzzin. I think it is time to try the 8c+ version now, “going down”. This has only been completed by two machines, Neil Carson and Ian Vickers.

Suns out, guns out, over and out.

Adam Jeewooth 

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