Sunday, 10 July 2011

Midge's by Nick Moulden

Hi all, the midge's are out. There everywhere I go Kilnsey, Malham, Gordale, they keep following me. They like the taste i swear.
My year so far has been pretty epic, training loads over the winter following the Steve Dunning training program and I'm psyched and feeling strong for the rest of the summer.
In April i had an excellent trip to St Leger where i surprised myself and ticked quite a lot with, a 7c+ flash on the first day setting the scene. Overall on that trip i managed three 7c+'s with one being an onsight, seven 8a's with one of those being an onsight and one 8a+. Wooooo. The style of climbing totally suited me with all those tufa's and the 8a i onsighted was a monster roof full of them.

When i got back with all my new found fitness i managed the Traverse of the Gods at Craigy-Longridge which is an 8b+ mega traverse. I'd climbed there a lot trying to get fit but never thought i would be able to do the whole thing! There is a video of me doing it on YouTube, just type in Traverse of the Gods.

Recently i have been enjoying the good weather and ticking through quite a few routes, the highlights so far are;-
Grooved Arete 8a+, Kilnsey
Soft Option 8a/8a+, Kilnsey
Connect 4 8a, Malham
Zoolook 8a, Malham
Chocolate Logger 7c, Malham
New Dawn 7c, Malham
Space Race 7b+, Malham

Think its time for something a bit harder now maybe, got a list of things i want to do that's longer than my arm. The midge's keep eating me though.
Peace Out.

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