Tuesday, 22 November 2011


This weekend was the Battle of Britain in Leeds!! This meant one thing - avoid the place!!!

So I opted to go to Wales in the van instead and have my own battle with the boulders!! Its been around 2 years since I was last down Wales so I was pretty psyched to get some mileage in and use the new Evolv maverick crash pad.

Wales is beautiful and waking up there was great surrounded by the mountains and nature!!

My highlights if you will from the weekend are below:-

The Barrell
Got me over (V6 Flash)
The minimum (V6/7 Flash)
Bulling 747 (V6 Flash)
The barrel traverse V8+ (hard with poor feet- defo not flash)

Craig y Llyn (a new area developed last week) see link

Abnormale (V8 Flash) thanks to Rory and v12 jack for beta
Voie Normale (V6 - 2nd try foot popped off smear!!)
V3 Arete (flash)

Sheep pen boulders
Klems arĂȘte (V4 flash)
Life in a northern town (V5 Flash)
Mack the knife (V4 flash)
Klems bulge sit eliminate (V7 flash)
Toe dragon (V5 flash)
Dog shooter (V5 flash)
Kingdom of rain (V6 flash)
Gnasher (V6 flash)

Well motivated at the minute!!! I’m keen to climb V11 again as I’ve not done one since doing Zoo York at Caley around 3 years ago!! Need to get my camera sorted and will smash some pictures on soon!!! Whoop.

Stay safe Jee!!

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