Sunday, 19 February 2012


Just a quick update.

I have managed to negotiate a career break for 6 months (thanks NHS), this begins as from tomorrow, 20th February 2012!! Whoop whoop.

I have been to morocco relaxing for 10 days with my misses Orla.

As I’ve got this time off, I have been trying to get fit at Boulder UK (best bouldering wall in the universe)and craggy Longridge recently. I have been mainly training stamina as I head to Spain on 23rd feb for a month to do some routes.

Then I’m back in the uk for 2-3 weeks waiting for my brother’s wife to drop my baby nephew.

From there me and Orla are heading out Europe bound in the van to travel, attend festivals and dance, see beautiful places and do a little bit of climbing (at least that what I have told her).
Vague plan is head to Brugge, Switzerland bouldering for a bit, Mello Blocco, then where ever -Home is where you park it!!

Boot demo on Tuesday 21st February at Manchester climbing centre if anyone wants to try on the latest from evolvs extensive range of shoes.

I keep you updated on how Spain is going or has gone.

I’m mad for it!!! Yeeeee haaaaaaaaa


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