Saturday, 3 March 2012

IN AT THE DEEP END by adam jeewooth!!

Landed in Spain last Thursday and was greeted by Rob Lamey, his van and new turtle Kesh.

Headed to chulilla just west of Valencia to climb some routes, a new crag for us both.

On arriving at the crag it appeared that we were “in at the deep end” with almost every route being around 30-36 metres!!! Initially feeling unfit, we just climbed 3 routes a day. on our 5th day climbing there, the fitness was present and I onsighted one of the classic 8a’s on the newish sector of the crag and rob flashed it whoop!!!

Any way, here is the hit list in order of sendage:-

6c+ onsight -chamarilero

7a onsight - gargola

7b+ onsight – danos calaterales

7a flash – la miguel Gomez

7b flash – las caquitas de nazarter

7c flash - nibelungalos

7a flash –top of rock

6c+ onsight –origia sado en el internado

7c/+ 1st red (hold crumbled in my hand!!) – moon safari

7c onsight - hipothermina

7a+ flash - chevo

7c+ flash – tequila sunrise

7c+ flash – el Diablo viste de prana

7a+ onsight- sendero sinuso

8a onsight – planet namec

most of the above routes are 3 stars, bar a few. Get down to Chuillia soon!!!

Currently at Terradets and will keep the blog updated.


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