Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rob Lloyd - North Wales Bouldering

I'm now back from a superb two weeks spent bouldering in North Wales.

It's nice to go up there with no projects outstanding, just a clean slate to go and have fun! So with this in mind (and no skin or strength to save for something else!) I went around a ticked of some of the easier classics at places such as the Llanberis Pass and the Ogwen Valley.
One of the problems to get done was Johnny's Wall at Cromlech, after watching my girlfriend cruise it last year. This is just one of those problems you only want to do once but until you do it, it's all you'll think about!

Towards the end of the second week away I ended up in Parisella's Cave and found myself attempting Lou Ferrino. I've previously tried it when a friend was working it a while ago, but after failing to pull the first move(!), I gave up and went on to more suiting problems. This time however, I was stronger and ready for all it could throw at me. After an hour or so of working the sequence I got through to the last move just as my fingers decide to let go. I went back the next day and got it third go. Ace, my first V10 and what a route!

By Rob Lloyd

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