Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spain by Jonathan Stocking

So I'm just back from 5 weeks in Spain and glad to be back in rainy Scotland. I had an amazing trip, We were camping at the campsite in Siurana which was really central for all the crags but the showers were so cold!! The first route of the trip was Kaleo boroka 8b+ in el pati sector. It was an absolute stamina rig crack with a spicy boulder problem at the top, really really good. It took a few days but I managed to tick it. The next route ticked was a route called migranya profunda 8b+, its a power endurance fest with a fall-offable last move. Again this route took a few days to do.

The plan was to find an 8c and climb it so the search for one began only to find out there is only 3 in the whole of Siurana. I tried a few but they didn't really feel good for me so it was of to Margalef!
I only ended up spending a few days in Margalef doing some onsiting. I had a few goes on L'Espiadonis and came very close on my third go but no luck, I had to come back to Scotland that night.

The group of climbers I was with (neil, gaz,buzz,callum,robbie,mark and tom) also ran a really good coaching week for the Scottish kids getting them on rock and building their confidence. The potential of some of these young climbers is amazing. All in all it was really good trip and it has really boosted my motivation to train and go back out towards the end of the year.

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