Thursday, 10 May 2012

Melloblocco by James Garden

We arrived on Wednesday evening to a bare campsite apart from a handful of tents on one side which turned out to be some folk from Yorkshire of all places, Martin Smith (a man from Leeds) took me to look at this beautiful wall up at Il Mostro in Val Di Mello.

On the first day of the comp we checked our maps and headed up to boulder P rumours said this was the easiest problem. I tried to warm up on this (a school boy error) so there was no surprise I didn’t do it so eventually decided to go up the road to the next one. This was a bit more suited to me and after getting the beta from some of the guys there I was eventually topping out on something.

 We got rained of the third problem so headed to the pizzeria for some grub. 

 We spent the next couple of days either stuck in the tent or in cafes, looking out every now and then to see if the rain had stopped.

Monday morning and the weather was better so we headed up to Il Mostro.

Nel Blanco V11
 Then back down to the village to try Jesus Christ (V9) a boulder with a church built around it, an amazing setting.

 The scenery around Val Di Mello is amazing and there is a great atmosphere at Melloblocco, it would have been good to see how I would have faired if the weather was good, I felt like I have lernt a lot from the boulder problems and climbing along side some of the worlds best climbers. I will definitely be there next year.

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