Monday, 11 June 2012

Rodellar Update - By Jen Wilby

Rodellar Update

First off all I would like to apologise for my last blog (if you read it - thank you!). Let's just put it down to being scared of heights and in one of the best climbing places in the world with so much psyche and no ability!

I decided on the latter of my options and took some time off. That 1 day was soooo boring!!! I vowed this was the last rest day I was to take all because I was scared of heights! So, after the 1 day of rest, rather than the planned 3 weeks. I got back to it and got on Iron Man @7b+ in the magnificant crag of Surgencia. It took me some time to get the height thing out of my head and when I first for on it I literally went one move, take, another move, take. I was so scared to actually climb. I stuck with it, figured out my beta (which took some time!) and then got on with it. After figuring out my beta it only took me 3 goes, with the 2nd attempt being pointless as I was wrecked!

There are photo's to follow but they are not on my laptop yet, I just wanted to update the post with no doom and gloom but with something to show that no matter what hurdles you might face, they can be over come.

(I now have my eye on a 7c in the Gran Boveda!).

Happy Days! 

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