Friday, 10 August 2012

New Routes in North Wales by Tesni and Celt Lloyd Jones

New Routes in North Wales....

Today I had a great day in Penmaenbach quarry up on Conway Mountain. My brother Celt and I put some new routes up in the quarry. It was a great experience as Alun Hughes came to film us for S4C. My dad Ian put the bolts up on our new routes, and then we were ready to climb. My route is called ‘A55 crack’ as we were climbing just above the A55, the crux on my route is a thin small crack this is how I came up with the name (but there might be a hidden joke in there somewhere lol!)  For the crux you have to step out to a thin slanted edge that you have to trust, then immediately sort your feet and hands out until you get to the bolt, the grade of my route is about F6c. Celt’s route was called ‘y clip aur’ which is welsh for ‘the golden clip’ his route was F6a. In total there are about 6 new routes up in the quarry which my dad has bolted up, so it was  a great day out. We wore your products such as harness, hoodies, chalk bags and Evolv Electra shoes....which worked really well on the tiny edges. I am very grateful to be an Evolv sponsored climber and I won’t let you down. There will be more filming on Friday for S4C in the slate quarry, with some even harder projects to climb. This is my first blog and there will be more to this space!!!

Tesni Awel Lloyd-Jones, 13

Today I went to Penmaenbach quarry with my sister Tesni and my dad Ian to do some new routes. My route is called ‘Y clip aur’ in English it means the golden clip, we called it that because the golden clip was on the crux protecting the moves through the bulge, and its grade is F6a. I used my new Evolv Venga climbing shoes for the first time and they were really good! My sister’s route is called ‘A55 crack’ she called it that because we were next to the A55 and the crack was the crux, its grade is F6c. We got filmed and interviewed by Alun Huges for an S4C film, which was both scary and fun! Looking forward to getting on my next new route which is a F6b+ in the slate quarries.

Celt Lloyd-Jones, 10

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