Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Raven Tor by Yann Genoux

I've spent the past two weekends at Raven Tor in the Peak District. Mostly because of the rainy weather, it is sheltered and stays dry there. I started trying 'Revelation' last year and wanted to have another crack on it now that I am feeling stronger this year. The route starts off as a hard 2 more V9 boulder and then continues as 7c+ route to the chain. The route gets 8b.

When I got on it last year I had the top part sorted, I just needed to get the boulder problem. I tried it many times and came away in frustration with just one attempt getting me to past the 1st section! I am determined that it will go this year.

So I got on it an put the clips in, and worked the top section and very quickly got that again. So on to the boulder, and that didn't go as I hoped. I tried it again and again and started to feel the frustration coming back to me. For me, as soon as the frustration with a route starts creeping in the best thing is to walk away or the demons get hold of you. Walk away, try something else and then go back to it with a clear head, ready to tackle it again.

A couple of people were trying 'Ben's Roof', a classic V10 boulder problem in the cave a Raventor. So I had a go. It can be divided into 3 section and I started after the 1st section and flashed it to the end. (Why didn't I start from the beginning that was easy!) I was tired at this point so worked it a bit more and went to the pub. Came back the next morning and it went 1st go. An awesome and unexpected tick for the weekend :)

I will be back for 'Revelation"!!!!

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