Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I “LOVE PIE” by Adam Jeewooth

Last weekend was a cold and crisp so I headed to sunny Wales. A day trip out entailed meeting up with local hero Chris Doyle and questing down to the Llanberis pass for the day.  We also met up with new Llanberis local Adam Bailes.

llanberis pass view from lotus boulder

A decision was made to head to the wave length boulders, a new area to me.  We warmed up slowly on the utopia boulder in freezing cold conditions. Classic ticks include: - the groove V2, utopia central V4, utopia left hand V4/5 and utopia traverse V5/6 (dropped the last move on flash due to being numb in all ways!)

adam and doylo trying to keep warm

Adam Jeewooth on Love Pie V9/10. Photo Adam Bailes.

We then headed to the pie shop boulder and tried “Love Pie” V9/10.  I did the problem and took V10 tick for it as I was on holiday in sunny Wales and having a nice time.  video below of the send.  chris doyle and his steady hand on camera duties.

Following this we headed up to the Lotus boulder to be greeted with hail stone and bits of snow.  All of us tried this amazing line but failed mainly down to numb hands, cold limbs and fatigue.  However, we all have key beta for the next trip up there.
On the way down I nipped up King of Drunks a classic V6. It took me a few attempts due to cooling down too much but the climbing was really enjoyable.
Training hard indoors at min as weather is bad but seem to be making progress. 
me and orla as zombie bride and groom.

Happy Halloween.

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