Wednesday, 24 October 2012

LAD STONES and MOVEMBER by Adam Jeewooth

This weekend’s weather was predicted to be amazing and it was.  A forecast of good conditions required me to rest on Friday despite my body and mind telling me to train.  I rested up and waited until Saturday when I got out with the BoulderUK boys – Calub Ainsworth and Pete Wilkinson.  We headed to Lad Stones.  This was a new venue for me, so my motivation to see and try new problems was high whoop whoop.

Pete Chilling out on the way to the crag

This 30-45 minute uphill walk is was a great warm up:- even though it left my small legs battered for around an hour after arriving at the crag.  On approach it there was a strong presence from a team of Lancashire/Lakes wads:- Greg C, the Freeman brothers and young Jake. 

A beautiful scene (the hills)

The local boys offered top beta, top spotting and great enthusiasm that allowed me to have a fantastic day out in the lakes.
Below is my tick list:-
From the Earths cauldron V4 (flash)
Black Cauldron V8 (3rd go)
Underground Butler V8 (2nd go)
Mikes Prow V8 (flash)
Wife Beater V8 (3rd go)
War Starter V8 (flash)
Crack Butler V8/+ (flash)
War Starter right hand V9 (4th go)
Stella V9 (4th go)

above and below, flashing war starter V8.

Sunday involved a quick hour session at Longridge in the evening.  A cold crag and deserted crag enabled me to traverse freely with no distractions. I warmed up traversing from the start of the trav to the high break (around French 8a+).  Had 10 minutes rest and then traversed back from the high break to the start.

feeling pumped after traversing!

Movember is coming soon and I’ve recently become a Mo Bro.  This involves me growing a moustache for the whole of November, supporting men’s health and highlighting prostate cancer.
So, if you’d like to support the cause and donate some money, my Movember name is Adam Jeewooth copy and paste the link into your URL link to add the moneys!!
Even if it’s a £1 it makes the difference to Mens Health. Keeps your eyes peeled for me at the walls and crags.  I will generally be supporting the handle bar look but will smash some pictures on as it progresses.

           Anyways, Gotta go, Moustache!!!! lol

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