Sunday, 11 November 2012

European Youth Championships

European Youth Championships,

Another 4am start, and travelling to Luton to fly out with the GB Junior Climbing team to Gemozac, France for the EYChampionships. The team had a day to explore Saintes, which had an interesting looking cathedral, from a climber’s point of view (no disrespect meant). The doorway was pretty cool too, complete with gargoyles. 

Saturday we left out at 7am to head for the comp. I had such a good time warming up I nearly missed my first route, only arriving as the commentator was yelling out for me! I’m sure I could have done better and come of when my foot slipped.  I had an hour before competing again. My next route was fantastic, which I really enjoyed, and did pretty well on, I was placed 12 for this route. My overall position was 17th due to being 20th on the first route. Not that bad being out of 43 competitors.

                      Gemozac comp wall
 Connor Byrne

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