Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter Wonderland by Adam Jeewooth

out for a walk withh ellie dog!
Well its official, winter seems to be here.  It’s not snowed yet but it’s cold and crisp, perfect conditions for getting out bouldering.
I’ve had a few good days out recently walking, bouldering and enjoying the fresh air. 
I Headed to Trowbarrow last Thursday, bouldering with Vickers.  It took me a while to warm up but ended up having alright session.  I did Pit Problem v8, Pit Problem left start v9, Wheelbarrow v10 and Neds problem v8.  Really enjoyed the climbing on all the problems but did get totally shut down trying a 1 move v9 – The Buccaneer.  Followed the day out by bouldering session at Westview before the boot demo!
adam jeewooth bens groove sit start
This weekend I headed to Caley with Vickers and Gill. I forgot how good this place was!! It’s been 2 years since I was last here and I was really motivated.
I felt great on the grit, the conditions were good, the company was good and I felt that I was moving well on the rock.  Sends included; New Jerusalem v5/6 (? grade rock is ruined), block buster v9, crystal method v8+/9, prow behind scary canary v7 (flash) and pocket knife v7 (flash).
I also tried bens groove sit start v10, it is an amazing problem at the grade but I failed and felt pressured, as here were tons of people waiting around to try the sit start and stand so I just sacked it.  Hopefully I’ll head back soon and send it.
Vickers on bens groove sitter v10
 The most impressive bit of climbing for the day was watching Gill Pete (GB bouldering team wad) crushing.  She absolutely smashed up crystal method v8+/9 with no bother.  Her European Champion boyfriend Ian Vickers did it 2nd go as well. So we were all buzzin.
Enjoy the weather whilst it’s here folks.
Peace Jee!!!!!

Crystal Method!

movember tash, raising money!

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