Monday, 14 January 2013

Robert Morton Lloyd - A few words on my injury.

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since my last post!

Unfortunately not a lot of progress has been happening in climbing for a while.

Back in September I managed to tear 2 ligaments in my ankle whilst climbing indoors. Not any heroic dyno, or stab for the last hold of a hard route, but jumping off from only a metre up after brushing a hold.

This has given me all sorts of problems and is taken ages to fully heal.

I started off with a trip straight to A&E where I got x-rayed and told nothing is broken which is good start - however, sometimes a break can be a lot more quick and simple to heal - I couldn’t put any weight on the ankle and I was on crutches for about 3 weeks after the injury.

Since then I had many various trips to the GP’s because it hadn’t reduced in size from the initial swelling and had very limited movement.

Finally after about 4 trips to the GP’s and 6 weeks, after being given exercises to do and antibiotics to take, they referred to a physiotherapists.

I’ve now been going to physiotherapy for about 2 months and this is great. It’s since going there that I’ve been able to see noticeable progress and I can start to move my ankle in more ways than before. They’ve given me a number of exercise (that work) to do whilst at home to speed up the recovery and increase the flexibility of the joint.

I now have only a few physio sessions left if it carries on this way.

To end on a good note, psych is returning and I have a trip planned to North Wales for 7 days soon where hopefully, if this snow clears up (!), I’ll be able to get back climbing outside after what feels like too long!

I’ll keep you posted on the recovery, and update after the trip.

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