Thursday, 14 March 2013

KING OF THE PASS? ANYONE? by George Ullrich

If you don’t already know ‘King of the pass’ is a challenge to climb 3 absolute classics in Llanberis pass in a day. Jerrys roof – V9 boulder problem, The infamous Right Wall – E5 on the Cromlech and Cascade – Winter V, Craig Y Rhaeadr. Obviously it takes very rare conditions to make it possible to attempt this. So far as far as I’m aware the closest anyone has come is Neil Dyer, having completed both Jerrys and Cascade, he slipped of the icy holds at the top of Right Wall! A fine effort, so close! But the throne of the pass is yet to be sat on!

Who’d of thought it, it looks like cascade is in nick… maybe, ‘King of the Pass’ anyone? Sam Farnsworth and I hit the pass all guns blazing, optimistic as ever. So it went like this – “er, cascade looks a bit thin!? its a bit warm isn’t it? er yeah probably.”  So we decided to do Jerrys first and if that was a goer then it was on. Unfortunately I did mange to climb Jerrys and so we had to do cascade now! oh bummer.

George Ullrich on Jerrys Roof - Photographer Sam Farnswoth 
The days challenge was swiftly evolving into ‘Wimp of the Pass’. We got up to Cascade which was living up to its name and was literally cascading with water. “er, im not going up there. Do you want to? Er no really”. So that was that. officially crowned ‘Wimps of the Pass’.
Nevertheless, we made the most of it and headed a bit higher to a nice little frozen stream. Isn’t that just lovely.
Sam Farnsworth

George Ullrich
The King of the Pass is yet to be Crowned!

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