Friday, 5 April 2013

MALHAM MEMORIES by Adam Jeewooth

Adam Jeewooth climbing austrian oak 8b
I have been to Malham twice in the last week.   It was my first visit back there for at least 20 months and I was amazed at how beautiful the place was and remembered the fantastic times I have spent there. 
I look back now at my first day at Malham in 2007.  I was with Gaz , Ian, Jordan and Naomi. In fact, that day was my first day ever on a rope.   I recall Flashing “Free and Even Easier” 7a+.  It was a battle for me from the off but what made it worse was the fact that I’d backed clipped almost every draw on the route.   It didn’t help that everyone was telling me what I’d done wrong but didn’t know what it meant!! Ha ha madness.
A few years on and I’d been working my way through the grades at various crags in the UK and Europe.  I was really psyched to climb the magical grade of 8c. This was for 2 reasons:-
1)      I thought 8c would be an achievable at some point in my life but I’d have to work at it
2)      I’d like to be called 8c Jee! Lol
Adam Jeewooth climbing austrian oak 8b.
belayer Gangal Newman

In 2010, I was relatively fit for sports climbing at the time.  At Malham I had ticked loads and was making up new links on the left wall, just to keep myself occupied.  I climbed a brilliant route that I called “New Look” 7c+/8a. It starts up New Dawn, Travs into Baboo Babbo, Into GBH, then finished up Zoo Look. Hence the Name.  It’s a good line if you’ve done everything on that wall.

Later that year, I climbed the route “unjustified” in quick time (believing that was my first 8c). When I climbed unjustified thinking I’d done an 8c, I was content and kicked back from a climbing perspective.  Everything was a bonus from then on. However, the dream was shattered a while later when the route was ?downgraded to 8B+! Since then I have only climbed routes up to 8B.

Adam Jeewooth Cider soak 8a
So, this year I have made a conscious effort to get stuck in again, try hard and get fit. I’m fit at the moment to be honest.  My first day back at Malham last week, I retro flashed “Raindogs” 8a to the chain (went to grab it but came up short). I was happy with this attempt, as I’d forgot all the beta and was free styling. 

On Wednesday I tried Power Ranger 8B+.  I felt brilliant on the route, despite it not really being my bag.  I remember watching Jordan on it years ago, I was fascinated at someone climbing a route this hard and trying so hard.
Anyhow the point of this blog in short is:- my motivation is high, I’m willing to put the time in, I’m ready for an epic, I’m ready for a siege, ready to fail and ready to succeed.   I’m back on the scene.
Safe Jee

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.”
Haruki Murakami

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