Wednesday, 29 May 2013

European Youth Championships 2013 by Daragh O'Connor

My first time competing in a European cup was on the 25th of may in Grindelwald Switzerland. Before I headed out I was concerned that my nerves (as they have before) would get the better of me. But when my time to climb came about all I felt was that I needed to just break the ice of falling which seemed like the easiest thing in the world to do because all that was required was to try the hardest problem (not expecting to get it) and fall. After I got that out of the way it was time to get competing! I tried some of the 'easier' of the 8 problems but I soon discovered that what others found easy, things like compression moves, were a big part of many of the problems...
This was were it fell apart, as I tried and tried  some of the the less 'technically tricky' problems I just found that I was just short of enough power to top out, I tried to not let it get to me so I moved onto one of the harder problems, the slab, my first 2 goes I touched the top hold and finally topped it on my 3rd. I found this very interesting as very few people managed to top the slab as for many it was one of, if not the hardest problem for them. All this told me that I had the technical ability but just lacked the tiniest about of power that would have made a large difference to my result.

So from my first time competing in an Ireland top I learnt a lot, I found out a weird but effective way to calm my nerves, my technical ability is at a good standard and that I need to squeeze more fridges and get STRONGER!!!

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