Monday, 6 May 2013

Scottish Bouldering Championships by Daragh O’Connor

So I went to the SYBC’s with low expectations, seeing as 8 weeks prior I fractured my finger… also the fact that at my last British comp I came a not too impressive 11th L So the day started off with getting up mega early so to give my support to the Irish competitors in youth c. Unfortunately the few that did compete didn't have the best day and one shortly missed out on the finals! At 12 o’clock I started to warm up and shortly later got climbing!!! The first 10 or so problems went fine bar a few sketchy tops… :/ At about 1:30 I noticed I only had 5 more problems to tick, These 5 were the harder end of the set but I felt comfortable on the first 3 and then I moved onto the 2 hardest... on my first go on the easier of the two I slipped off on a jump but managed to top on my next attempt, by this point the time was just running out so I couldn't try the last problem...

Later on in the day I found out I qualified in 4th position for the finals so I got my stuff together and headed for isolation! In isolation I discovered that I was a lot more tired than I realized  so when I tried my first problem I came off going for the bonus on most of my goes L The second problem went better I managed the bonus on my first go but got my hands mixed up so couldn't progress… at this point I was exhausted so I couldn't repeat the start after that… The last problem was a slab and using different beta to the others I managed to bypass the first 4 holds and touch, and very nearly hold the bonus hold multiple times, but it was too little too late and I was forced to leave as soon as my time ran out to catch my flight J All in all I was very pleased with how much I progressed but I noticed I need to PRACTICE FINALS!!!!!! 

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