Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Norway; my first European Final

I had a fantastic weekend recently in Norway, my aim had been to get in the Finals.
Stavanger harbour 
Friday was spent  shopping for provisions, recovering from the traveling and sight- seeing in Stavanger;  a pleasant city, complete with docks and city centre park. Friday and Saturday nights we dined with the Swiss team, in a Greek/Italian restaurant in Norway….

Qualifier day, I was drawn to be first up on the first route, so I had to really rely on my route reading. After watching the demo I realised there was a better way to climb the route for me than the demo had shown, and it worked a treat, getting quite high before I fell. Annoyingly as I had been first up, my beta was out and most of the others used it. Pretty impressive first climb as I was now7th.  Second round did not go quite so well, however I found myself in 9th place overall and in the finals.

Stavanger wall (qualifiers)
It was a pretty amazing day as all the other GB climbers had made the finals as well.   First time ever all the team had made a final.  

Finals day we were up early, and I was pleased to see the route was on the more overhanging section. I just had to wait about 2 hours in isolation for my go on it. Everything went as I planned on the route, until my hand popped off. I was really disappointed as I felt I could have climbed much further, and I had messed up.  However I then watched in amazement as a number of the finalists then fell fractionally below my high point, and so I ended up in 6th place! 
Final route
I was very pleased with getting in my first final and coming 6th. This was the second round of the European Youth Cup (first round was just after my AS exams), and my two scores have given me an overall ranking of 10th in the European Youth Cup!

By Connor Byrne.

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