Saturday, 19 October 2013

An Awesome Weekend

Well as you may guess this is my blog from the British Lead Climbing Championship at the new Sheffield Awesome Walls.

Saturday was the Junior comp, we got to the wall nice and early to check out the new venue, nice one there Dave, and catch up with everyone.  Qualifier one was on the vertical, I watched the 9 climbers before me top it, so I knew I could not make any mistakes. Topped it, job done.

Qualifier two looked much more interesting, up the edge of the comp wall, using some of the overhang. Joint first into the finals.

Youth A, Second Qualifier: Photo P Wuensche

Youth A, Second Qualifier: Photo P Wuensche

Final route was up the left hand side of the main comp wall, making full use of the huge overhang. I was last out of isolation, got stuck into the route, right into the overhang; I put in a toe hook but then I left my feet behind and was off.  However, I had won the Youth A and retained my BLCC title.

Youth A Podium: Photo J Ellision

Day 2, back to the wall to take part in the Senior Comp.  There was a wonderful mix of climbers on the Start list, from the defending champ, a number of really serious talented senior climbers, a Canadian comp climber and a load of youths, including the Irish team and other seniors.  I wanted to get in the final (top 8).  As the group was pretty big we were split and some of us did route one first and some route 2.  The crimpy slightly off vertical was my first, I was pleased to dispatch that with a top.  Then after a short rest it was onto route 2, which was horrible and only saw one top.  I had qualified in 5th into the finals!

Senior Second Qualifier: Photo P Wuensche

After a bit of lunch it was into isolation, it was pretty daunting to be in isolation with the seniors.  A quick look at the route and finally out to climb it, right up the middle of the main comp wall, a really challenge but fun route. I was pretty pleased with my efforts getting well above half way.

Senior Finales: Photo M Barefoot

To my utter amazement I found myself in 3rd place and on the podium! 

Senior Podium

By Connor Byrne.

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