Thursday, 3 October 2013

Comp prep is a funny thing...

So for the past month or so I have been in solid training which gets kinda tricky when my education is put on the table... But however recently I have learnt a lot to do with both mental and physical prep for these ‘comps’ that for some reason I enjoy…

During the preparation for a comp there is a lot to think about from what socks you will wear on the day to should I be working on crimps more? I found the biggest issue for me in past comps has been my ability (or lack of) to focus and deal with the pressure and nerves. Since I started competing this was always an issue but recently I think I have broken free of my curse. It’s the most annoying advice in the world but ‘experience is the trick’. I have found just from entering ever comp I can possibly enter, isolation has turned into a peaceful place where I can look at other competitors get quake in their boots – this is a fine line and I think once you break past it you only get more comfortable faster and faster.  
So I went to a local boulder comp over the weekend (placed 2nd) and it went quite well from a prep point of view. For one my head was nearly perfect, secondly I had recently learnt that I will be carrying a chalkbag with me as much as I can in future due to one of the silliest mistakes I have ever made on a slab a while ago and finally all the training had started to kick in. (im not going to get into training due to the fact that I personally think Jan Hojer will show you better J)

I know that's just a short update and its hard to put in text what goes on in your head so hope that makes a little bit of sense to somebody ;)

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