Saturday, 11 January 2014

2013 is a boring title on its own... by Daragh O'Connor

So 2013 has had so much in it. Its strange to think that so much has actually happened, at the start of the year I heard I would be going to my first ever European comp and since then I have been to 3 euro's, 4 trips to France and roughly 5 British events and I don't even know how many Irish comps.

So the Europeans. Started off not to well, I'm not gonna lie, I decided that I would top one of the hardest problems that only had 3 tops but i cleverly failed miserably on everything else (sarcasm... text doesn't show it enough). It was a strange experience and because it was my first Euro I didn't mind all. So with the psych to keep on trucking I went to 2 more and now am ranked 18 in the world thanks to my other results.

So this is taking me quite a few days to write for many reasons, first off I don't really know what to say. I think its because I know what I got up to in 2013 and that's all well and good but its 2014 that i'm really excited about. in 2014 there is gonna be 3 Europeans which is cool but this year I have the extra battle off moving up a category. A fun fact is that if my glorious mother had held me in until the god damn due date I would have a whole year more of competing. I tell her this regularly...

So I really like this photo (above), it was taken in Bulgaria by one of the British team and it is off Dominic crushing in the qualifiers (to eventually go on to win) and me trying to steal a bit of the ole beta goodness. Its also good for the obvious 'lets all be multinational friends' feel it puts across... But honestly, it was one of my favorite trips of 2013 because it was that trip when I realized that I could actually just calm the nerves in a competition and start to climb well. A good friend of mine lets call him "Favid Ditzgerald"... Is kinda going through the same comp hatred I went through for a bit and I simply told him the way I got over it was to get back up and try again.

So to some up, 2013 was top notch but lets be honest 2014 is going to be so much better. I will get to see people more who I truly miss and there will be so many more comps that I am sure I will both fail miserably and do well-ish in...

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