Friday, 2 May 2014

Another trip to Spain - Siruana and Margalef (Flo Tilley)

Yet again we Tilley's had the mad idea of getting the train. This time however, we travelled through the day, and got to experience France, then Spain, move past our window, travelling through some stunning scenery. Meeting with the rest of crew in the airport, we had a two hour drive to the villa.

Don't let a website with pretty pictures fool. We walked into to find left over mouldy food in a cramped dirty kitchen. Two small toilets for 18, one with a welcome of a thousand dying bees, both with dodgy drains and not enough hot water, and then grimy bedrooms. Have I said enough?! However with the people and the psyche we got through, it didn't really ruin the trip!! 

For me, this trip was to spend some quality time with great some people, relax before the onslaught of GCSE’s and to climb on some astounding rock, and not necessarily sending the hardest stuff.

I mainly did 7a+, and the ones I would definitely recommend are, Pa Ella y pa los Guiris in Arbolí, El Falcó, a stunning climb up a crack. Borinot (two pitches but can be done in one as we did) and Chanidanger also both in Arbolí, were long sustained beautiful routes, however, very draining in the sun!! In Margalef sector Racó de la finestra, the best route I tried there would of have to have been Montgronyeta a 7b+, through tufas and flow stone, incredible climbing, a cruxy part in the middle, a contrasting climb to all the other pockety routes. I had it almost nailed on my third attempt, I had completed the crux, but fell off like a punter just after. So frustrating!!

On our second day back to Margalef, 4th day climbing we took it as a half rest day, sacked off the climbing in the afternoon heat and went down to the reservoir, Pantá de Margalef. Me, Tara, Pete and Billy had the mad idea of swimming to the other side. We realised however, how far it was when we reached the middle and were all silently cursing our selves at the strength of our swimming. We did make it however, and was one of the nicest swims I’ve ever done!
Pantá de Margalef, 20 minute walk from El Laboratori

So yet another amazing trip, a massive thank you to Mark for organising it once ag ain and thanks to the parents for chauffeuring us all over Spain!!
The Wads.

Back on the plastic and competitions, I had a succession of wins, coming 1st in all the regional rounds of the YCS, 1st in the Leading Ladder final and 1st in the local boulder league at the Depot Nottingham. But then came the second round of the open youth bouldering in Glasgow last week and my climbing went to pot! However as always it was enjoyable and good to see everyone. Is that not what it’s all about?!

Happy Easter! X

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