Tuesday, 17 March 2015

SquarePants By Daragh O'Connor

Well. Its been a while. For me this year has already rocketed by, ever since taking some time off after the world championships in Munich last summer everything has been a bit of a blur... I'm in my final year in school and June is going to be the month the earth stands still for me. 13 days of 7 subjects of exams... But sure thinking about it wont do anybody any good will it?
So climbing wise (only 'wise' that is important) things have been going great, i don't know why it feels like a surprise but its nice to know i can continue to stay on form and keep on top of everything else all at once.

So, CWIF went well you could say, I qualified in 12th after doing all bar 2 problems (one of which i should have done) and was psyched beyond belief to be making it into Semi's the next day. Semi's is always where the real fun starts. My warm up went perfectly, I took extra care in making sure my shoulders and back were loose so when i pulled on the wall in iso things were smooth from the get go. By the time i was called out I had entered that glorious low gravity state which we all seek.

Its hard to describe the actual climbing because you don't really know whats going on at the time anyway so i wont even bother trying. My score came out with enough tops to make it into finals (only 1) but a silly rushed attempt and not getting bonus's cost me my place. I'd say go watch the replays of the semi's but the cameras were not interested in my ugly mug so not much of my climbing was gotten and who can blame em?

Oh yeh, almost forgot! IM GOING TO THE ROCKLANDS!!!!!! Flights booked from the 8th on July to the 12th of August! This trip kinda comes with the year, with my exams and all (even being on form at the moment) i have decided to take the summer season of the European and World Circuit. It was a hard choice to make but i would want to be at 130% going at the Worlds and i worry i wont be at that. But i think it will be good, and it eaves 2016 as the year im going to go at the worlds ready to fight it it out!

Major results as of my last update : 
G Force Open - 2nd Place, Irish Bouldering League - 1st (joint), CWIF - 13th.

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  1. Great write up, well done again at the CWIF!