Monday, 11 January 2016

Brief 2015 round up by Adam Jeewooth

2015 was a successful year in all aspects of life. An early season training indoors at BoulderUK on circuit board paid off with me flashing “Parasite” French 8a and ticking “Mussel Beach” 8a 1st redpoint. So that was a great day out. I also managed to climb my annual V11 tick with Lou Ferrino without the pocket. 

Ruby Keeping warm at a cold Malham

Adam Jeewooth climbimg Lou Ferrino sans pocket V11


Moving forward 6 months I'd also had a number of 8a ticks at various crags but was still waiting for the big tick. I'd also ripped my house to bits and was physically knackered.
Adam Jeewooth climbing  RB&D 8c, Photo Peter Wilkinson

Adam Jeewooth RB&D.  Photo Peter Wilkinson
Adam Jeewooth RB&D.  Photo Peter Wilkinson
So, September 2015 arrived and the project was dispatched. “Raining Bats and Dogs” 8c at Malham. I was so so happy with this route. The hardest route and best route I've ever climbed

 Following this once again work continued and I did the BoulderUK “plywood masters”. However, I wasn’t really prepared to this comp physically and despite getting into the finals and coming 6th I endured some sore fingers and a bad shoulder!!! 

John Ellison and Ruby
Adam Jeewooth, Prana T, Prana Pants and Evolv Bandits
Then there was a really nice Spanish rock trip to Margalef for a week to conclude the year onsighting.  And the loss of one of the nicest men I knew - John Ellison RIP

2016 should be a good year all being well and I’m looking forward to an easier year, lowering the grade and ticking along nicely. Oh and I've also got my final year of my degree to finish!

Big thanks to the beyond hope crew and good luck to everyone for 2016!!

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