Tuesday, 2 August 2011

If you don't have the power, you have nothing to endure by Jen Wilby

This has been my mantra throughout the 4 weeks of Endurance training which has just come to an end. It's had its up's and down's (no pun intended!). Someone asked me during this training why I didn't enjoy "just climbing?"...for me there is a bigger picture. I think we all know that most climbers have an obsessive personaility. That's why we're climbing almost every day often travelling for hours for the weather and the rock. Its a life style choice - a choice I wouldn't change for anything. It's not about chasing the grade, it's about being the best you can, and that takes work and commitment. The best routes are often the harder ones, I want to climb them, I want to experience them, I want to push my limits - simple. To do this takes blood, sweat and tears for a mere mortal like me.

Slogging up and down the wall four nights a week, dripping in sweat with the forearms buring doesn't seem ike fun to those who were watching with puzzled looks. However, for some sadistic reason - we love it. People ask "why?", "why not" and "because it's there" is enough, you cannot put it into words.

The pain was worth it, as now I've started my power training. Something which normally ends up with me being injured. So I'm taking it slow and doing something which is alien to me - rest when I'm beat! Shut down...totally shut down describes session one - trying powerful problems over and over again, somethimes making progress, sometimes not - demoralising...but I'll get up and do it again.

I was going to try and keep my head down and really push the power phase this cycle, but with the RCC Summer Fest on for the next 5 weeks, its difficult. I managed to win both the bouldering and leading comps in the first round.

With the first half of the year over, its time to see what I've done, reflect and re-adjust the goals if needed. I'm still planning on going to Europe for 12 months - which will be awesome. The trip will include Catalunya, Rodellar, Margalef, Suirana, Ceuse, Magic Wood, Frankanjura - to name a few....super excited.

Happy Climbing!

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