Friday, 7 October 2011

California Dreaming by Adam Jeewooth

Jus got back from 3 weeks in sunny California.

It was amazing and beautiful but too hot to do anything hard. However, bathing in rivers was rather fun and great to cool down!!

Started off at a place called the needles in sequoia national park for 4 days. Was spicy there wild camping and it was a 1.5 hour walk in to crag. Did 2 routes there multi pitch, 1st was no problem, the 2nd one was an epic as the rope kept snagging and me and trad wad Andy Reeve ended up on top of this massive rock benighted. We had to abseil down in the dark (2 abseils). And to make it worse, none of us had any head torches (why would we have- we were never going to be benighted!!!). It ended up being a 2.5 hour walk out in the dark along some slopey shelves using light from my mobile as a torch. Pasquill, Hurley and Smitton came looking for us. I never climbed there again after the 1st day lol.!!!

Then we headed to bishop – AMAZING, had 5 days there (too hot for hard stuff but did some nice V7s).

Next was Tuolumne meadows, did a fantastic route with Pete Hurley called Piece de Resistance on Fairview dome (took full advantage of my Metoilus daisy chain here and was soooo happy to have one (highly recommended!!!!). Did some nice bouldering too on some easy stuff to keep moving.

Then was to the Yosemite Valley, decided not to do any big routes there as I was too scared and it was hot hot hot. Jus bouldered at camp 4, cathedral boulders, ahwahnee and sentinel boulders. Had a great time far to hot to do owt hard. Pic on the right i'm flashing the king V7.

Hoping to return to California soon to boulder in cooler conditions to tick the classics.

Also, used the new evolv bouldering mats- they not only look great but are really good to fall onto and sleep on!!! Check them out and get buying them now people. They are the future!!!!

Cheers Jee

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