Friday, 27 January 2012

James Garden - Heuco Tanks, Texas

We arrived in Dallas totally jet lagged and ready for bed. We spent 3 nights there training in the climbing gyms flicking between huge pinches and slopers on 40 degree boards and eating Taco Bell, a great start to the two and a half weeks of climbing we'll be doing in Heuco.

640 miles, 12 hours of driving and we're finally here. We set up the trailer, oh yea forgot to mention that, Alex's uncle has lent us his 30ft trailer, this thing is huge it sleeps 8, has a kitchen and a bathroom. Once again we're in bed early this travelling is really taking it out of us. We're up at 7 to wait outside the Park Rangers office to get passes then we head straight to North Mountain. After warming up I got on Free Willy (V10) really psyched as I managed to flash it. (A video and some more exciting pics will be coming soon.)

I also did Tequila Sunrise (V12), so far so good.

Today is a rest day and Shauna's Birthday.

Stay posted for more...

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