Sunday, 1 July 2012

LIVING THE DREAM by Adam Jeewooth

Well, 3 months into the trip now and the last 12 weeks have gone by so quickly.  there is so much to write about but this is a summary of events!!

The climbing has been amazing and action speaks louder than words so see the photos of the trip.

above: U boat (magic wood)

Below: Trying "fabelita" 8c santa linya (photo by lynn Malcolm)- will get this next time I return!! 

So far on the trip the climbing areas we have visited are, Fontainebleau, Rodellar, Santa Linya (Thanks so much to Tom Bolger and Lynn Malcolm for putting us up in Santa Linya, it was great to see tom climb the first accent of his new 8c/+ in the cave!!!), Tossa de Mar (deep water soloing), Ailefroid, Chironico, Magic Wood and Arco.  I’ve managed to really enjoy the climbing and really got into bouldering again after mainly climbing routes for the last few years.

above: Ailefroid 7a - beautiful venue

below: resting in the heat on fabelita (santa linya)

                    I also did a skydive which was totally amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone.  

We seem to have got a great balance of climbing, relaxing and sight seeing. Top sightseeing destinations include Roquefort, Lourdes, Barcelona, Cadaques, Gorge du Verdon, Nice, Cannes, St Topez, Evian, Matterhorn, Pisa, Lucca, Rome, Verona and Venice. We’ve been to a VW van fast with the Swiz, that was amazing!!

However, at the moment we’re on a beautiful campsite in Croatia by the Sea “living the dream!!”.

below: swiz cow

Above: when in rome!! eating Gelato!!

My motivation to climb hard is so high and it has been good to have a week or three break from climbing to reflect on real life and what I want to achieve from climbing. Its also been great to just relax and give my body a rest between climbing venues!!!  Thanks to Beyond hope for sponsorship again and may the adventures continue for all!! Loving the new Bandits and Pontas velcro’s!!! Amazing!!

Good luck to anyone doing the BBC’s this weekend!! Try hard and enjoy it. 

Easy now, Jee!!

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