Wednesday, 11 July 2012

On The Road Again By Jen Wilby

On The Road Again

10 days ago we left the heat and the tourists of Rodellar and headed south to La Manga for a week of R&R at my parents. After 13 hours in the van we crashed out next to the beach and vowed to spend the next 2 days doing nothing at all.
Like a typical brit I got VERY sun burnt withint the first 2 hours and spend the next week avoiding the sun when ever possible whilst covering myself in factor 35! Joy!
The 10 days was pretty amazing, to get away from the crowds and the heat in Rodellar and to be by a beach.

Whilst in La Manga we were lucky enough to watch Spain win in the Euro 2012 final. I have no interest in football howver the Spanish have a contageous passion for their country. In true style the Spanish started celebrating early - the street party had begun! The most intersting / scary part was watching the game with my partner - an Italian, who had to be restrained at times!

Dad and I celebrating

With flags being waved, car boots being opened and grannies dancing on their balconies with fireworks being set off on the road, the party was in full swing. I learnt my lesson in Albarracin and stuck to coke sin wiskey, leaving a clear head for the mammoth drive up to Magic Wood the next day. The drive signals the end of the fisrt 6 months and the start of our next adventure.

The first 6 months has been full of highs and loes. As well as achieving personal bests in both routes and bouldering, I've seen some amazing sights, from a clear star lit sky in Rodellar, to watching hundreds of vultures nesting close up to the wild spanish fiestas.The friends we have made along the way has made each destination more unique and enjoyable.

We've ventured to many destinations, my favourties are Rodellar and Albarracin. Albarracin because of its amazing town and abundance of fantastic lines in the pine forest. Rodellar because of the magnificant sectors within the gorge and the van community in the car park.

Living in a van also brings it ups and downs, you cant be lazy. Each day only goes smoothly if you have a routine and stick to it. Every day you have to put your bed away else you wouldnt have room to cook, you have to do the washing up after each meal else you'll have nothing to cook with the next day. Everyday things have to be packed away and that can get dull and annoying, especially if you've had a bad day climbing. If its cold, there is no heating, if its warm you have no air con. There is no escape. "Crankin" everyday is impossible, and some days you just dont want to climn.

Its not easy and its not perfect, however as far as I am concerned, I am living the dream, I'm free to do what I wish to do and I woudlnt change it for anything. I'm living my dream and I am psyched for the next 6  months.

The plan is to spend 4-7 weeks in the Magic Wood area, venturing to the surrounding boulder spots. Before leaving Switzerland we'll head to see the Eiger, a personal dream of mine since reading the White Spider.

We'll then move on through France for some random crag hopping whilst making our way to the east coast for some surfing, then go and get our butts kicked in Ceuse for a month :)

In the last 3 days we've driven through Spain, France and Italy and finally arrived in Magic Wood. The place is beautiful - like a post card! We're psyched to get into the forsest and back to boudlering!

Happy Climbing


PS: Since writing this I've managed to get a very small but very painful swollen toe - cranking shall start next week!

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