Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Costa Del Lower Darwen – by Adam Jeewooth

It’s been around 3 months since my last update and how things have changed since then.  Being back in sunny England, working and facing reality of day to day life has been a real shock.  I am now a robot again.

bathing in hot baths in Budapest

pints in prague

wedding slovak style - smashing plates!!!
posing in paris??

The last two and half months of the van trip were incredible.  No climbing, just sightseeing, embracing the foreign culture and being a dedicated tourist.  We travelled through Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, back through France and smashed up the M6 back to Costa del Lower Darwen.

I’ve been back now for around 3 weeks, and this has meant only one thing- I’m back training again.  In the closing months of the trip it was clear I was losing muscle and gaining a weight belt of lard around my belly causing me to look like a small brown Buddha.

On getting back to the U.K there was a buzz in the air from my family and the climbers in the northwest region.  Yes, it had stopped raining for 1 week and the crags were drying.

uncle carl, martin daily treacle and george chilling at kilnsey
In an attempt to gauge how unfit and how much strength I’d lost I headed to Kinsey the day after we returned to England for 2 days.  It could have been a mistake but it needed to be done.  Anyways, I managed to climb slab culture 7b+, sticky wicket 7b, 50 for 5 7b+ metal guru 7c, comedy 7c and a few other things.
Since then I’ve been training hard at Longridge and BoulderUK.  I have all ready seen rapid improvements in my performance and feel I have a great understanding of what my body needs to get stronger and fitter.

This Friday I headed to north Wales to meet Chris Doyle for a session.  We only climbed for around 2 hours in total but I personally felt I had a good session considering how unfit I was 3 weeks ago. My tick list of new problems are as follows:-
Pill box original V6 – pill box wall
?other V6 cant remember name.
Whiskey bitch V8 -pill box wall
The pillar start V5/6 (Flash) -parisellas cave
Lou Ferrino V10 -parisellas cave

smashing up lou ferrino, feeling good!!

Hopefully I will continue to improve and make progress over the next few months and manage to send some hard problems as I get out again.  Ideally I would have liked to get route fit again but it seems like the season is finished now so I’ll have to wait till next year now.
Easy now.

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