Thursday, 20 September 2012

Scott Keir bouldering for BBC Country File

Recently I recieved an email from Kevin Howat of the MCofS asking if I would be available to go to Glen Nevis to film with the BBC. The original plan was to do some trad climbing but with the possibility of climbing being included in the 2020 olympics it was decided to profile all of the diciplines that could be included- but in the great outdoors! That's when I was asked to do some bouldering while Rachel Carr demonstrated speed climbing and Jessica MacCaskey did some leading in the Alps crag in Glen Nevis. We started rigging anchors for the speed climbing and for the camera people to use at about noon and then I set about trying to find a suitable boulder with some good problems. We eventually decided to use a huge boulder with a big roof as it seemed the most photogenic. When the camera crew arrived it was around seven o'clock and so we had only around two hours of daylight to get the filming done. We just managed to get the necessary shots in before we ran out of daylight so, apart from the thousands of midges, the day was an all in all sucsess. The programme will air on the 23rd of september on BBC1 at 8pm.

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