Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Attaching the Metolius Wood Grips Fingerboard to a Pull Up Bar By Jen Wilby

Due to a request on how I mounted my fingerboard to my pull up bar, I thought it would be easier to post on here how I did it. When I say "I" I clearly mean my better half, me and DIY do not work !

This is a photo of the over all fingerboard, as you can see I have mounted it to a pull up bar as I wanted the ability to be able to move it on to different door frames and also because my house appears to be made of cardboard, and this thing landing on me would be painful...

We first mounted the fingerboard on to a piece of wood to strengthen the joints fixing it to the pull up bar and to raise the board higher to avoid knee scrapage on the floor. It was mounted just using a few screws...

We then placed a couple of hooks on to the back of the board so that it would take the downwards pressure on to the bar:

 Then we attached some metal fittings to a metal bar which is then screwed into the side bars as shown:

It's important to have two fixings at either side here.

That's it folks. The only issue with this board is that to remove it from the door frame we have to remove the board first, but it works for us this way as we also use the pull up bar as well. 

If anyone has any more questions let me know. 

Happy Climbing !

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  1. Wow, impressive build. the pics are perfect. Thanks very much!