Sunday, 21 April 2013

Torridon - Adam Lincoln

Ive been living in Scotland for about a year, and have been trying to get up to Torridon to do some bouldering ever since i moved up. If you don't live in Scotland, its a bit of an epic drive. Its been even longer since i wanted to go up and climb a boulder problem called Malcs arete. Its not really hard, weighing in at about font 7b. Its just got a reputation as being tough for the grade. Its also a king line. Which means its up there with some of the best boulder problems in the UK. I managed this on my first day, which filled me with mixed emotions. When you have wanted to climb something for so long, when you actually do it, you feel a little sad. Needless to say, it lived up to all expectations.

Malcs Arete, 7b

After this i ticked off a load of classics, tried a few harder things. Some of the harder stuff ill be back for include, Stokes Croft, Otter wall, Frantic. All, which, due to the amazing weather, felt quite hard in the heat. I also had a good wander around, scoping out stuff to come back for. 

The other king line of Torridon is the essence. A classic 7b every bit as good as Malcs arete. If not better! Spent a while trying to find this one, and it was well worth the effort. however a good spotting team and a few pads are in order. 

Anyway, its almost route season. Already planning my long weekend escapes up to the North west of Scotland. The van is almost a camper, so bring it on. And the good weather. 

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