Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Traverse of the Gods 8b+ By Adam Jeewooth

My third trip to longridge this year turned out to be a good one.  I love climbing at longridge and have spent plenty of time there getting the crag wired.

last Saturday  I was very tired and indecisive. I was going to head to Malham but was tired from work and didn't really know how I would feel when I started climbing. So, in the end I headed to longridge to boulder and do a "bit of traversing" as its my local crag.

 On arrival local hero Arran Dekin was there also traversing. I warmed up quickly.  After traversing from the high break to the start (right to left) I knew I was feeling good.  Arran was working bend the rainbow to the end. So all the mats were  at the right of the crag. I decided to start the Traverse on the right and traverse left wards doing the 8B+ version.  I felt great, I was recovering on the rests and ended up doing the full thing.  I haven't done the traverse for about 2 years so was pleased to tick it again and it's only early on in the year.

I headed to malham on Monday to work power ranger. It's a hard route. Can't wait to got back on it soon. The challenge is on, and its a tuff one.

Whoop whoop Jee

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