Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Scottish Youth Bouldering Championships - Flo Tilley

Photo thanks to Sandy Carr

Last weekend Glasgow Climbing Academy (TCA) held the second of the Scottish Youth Bouldering Series (SYBC).  This comp had 15 boulder problems in the qualifiers with the top 6 going through to the final. In the final all you had to do was 3 more problems. Easy!

The first 13 qualifiers were undemanding, flashing them all within the first hour and a half, but then it came to the final two. Both white, both on a steep over hang. Both threw me off. The second one however, I finally reached the bonus, the bonus which scraped me into the final.
Photo thanks to Sandy Carr

 In a competition, you’re supposed to be competitive, right? I don’t think I’ve got quite the right end of the stick then, feeling absolutely terrible at news that I had thrown Tash out of the final because the hold the bonus. I felt so bad, if only I had known that the bonus would split us up so closely! My heart leaped with joy however, when I got the news that Tash, on appeal joined me in 6th place! There was 7 going into the final!

 Being predominantly a lead climber, I was pretty pleased about getting into the final, however it is till a bit down hearting when you go out to your first problem and keep failing at the first move. Despite that, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I managed to scrape up into 4th place, a position I was very pleased with, considering I was up against, Tara, Molly, Rachel and Gracie!

The final- Photo thanks to Sandy Carr

Over all I had a successful few days and taking advantage of the extended bank holiday weekend I had a day and half climbing at Kilnsey, squeezing it between the family events I also had.

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