Monday, 1 July 2013

Is it that time already...By Jen Wilby

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spent it for you"

It's been almost a month since my last blog - and wow it's gone in the blink of an eye. We are now in July and this time last year we were wondering around the wonderful playground which is Magic Wood. Roll on twelve months and I'm sat in my house in Buckingham. I couldn't be further from where I want to be. 

So many of us spend out time, doing the same things, day in day out and that is what I have been doing since my last blog and which is why the last month has gone so quick. I get up, take the dog out, work, take the dog out, train, sleep & repeat. It's easy to get frustrated in this life style with the feeling of "I'm not going anywhere or doing anything". If you are in this frame of mind, think about why, and are you actually working towards a bigger goal or just bumbling along but are unhappy about it? Life's too short - so take small steps every day to put you where you want to be. 

Personally for me, it has been frustrating as I haven't even been climbing outside since the last North Wales trip. This has been due to weather, illness & debilitating hayfever locking me indoors. However, I am also aware I need to be patient as I have a bigger goal in mind. It's now only 10 weeks until Switzerland and after my last experience I know that I need to be a lot fitter, powerful and stronger if I want to climb what I have in mind to climb and to do this I have to make some sacrifices, which includes doing routes, outside in the summer. This is the first year since I started climbing about 8 years ago that I have not done routes, yes I miss them, however I believe what I am focusing on will be good for my routes - next year. 

Therefore this blog is an uninteresting one, which signifies the last few weeks. I've been campusing & conditioning to help with my power & strength and doing a lot of core work. I've also been heading to the Castle Climbing Centre in London each weekend to get some decent climbing training in. I love the Castle sets, they really test you and are enjoyable to work. For the last 2 weeks I've been brave enough to set foot in the "Wave" area, which as you can imagine is a steep wave like structure, where core and power and key, no heel hooks and no dropped knees! Whilst technique is important - I believe for me, I need to get strong and the wave does this. I came away from last weekends session feeling very very sore! So its working! 

I'm busy with work the next few weeks so training is going to be a lot less structured and under more time constraints, so we shall see how that goes. 

This weekend, we will 100% be climbing outside - unless the weather is rubbish! And it will be routes, as we have some friends we met last year coming to see us & I'm very excited! 

So that's all for now folks, had a "rest" week last week, so training start's again today with focus on core and power...

Happy Climbing.

As there were a lack of photo's - here are some from Magic Wood last year:


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