Sunday, 4 August 2013

So a lot has been happening... By Daragh O'Connor

So I haven't been updating reasontly for a one reason, its been so busy lately. It all started with the European youth cup in Sofia, Bulgaria. The comp went really well and I snatched my best results ever with a 10th place.

 Next was the British Bouldering Champs, this comp was world cup format so we had 5 minutes on and 5 minutes of to climb 5 problems. This was my first comp of this format and I got a little overwhelmed and I should have topped 2 more problems that would have brought me to the semi finals. The cliffhanger festival was great on the other hand and it was good to climb with the full Irish team.

And still there was more to come! I was off to France. Myself and my father drove down to France from Ireland to get some climbing in and around the next EYC. Lets talk about that first, It was hot. So. Hot. Due to the 30+ heat I struggled to climb hard from the start, it took me 45 minutes to get up to speed. That is pretty much all she wrote for that comp, so I will just have to come back next time! (I came 19th)

So before and after the comp in L'Argentierre we went to Font and Ceuse. In Font it was 40 degrees so climbing hard was hard. Although I did manage to latch but then drop the lip of Rainbow Rocket (8a, 2nd G dyno) which was sick! After this I got on Big Dragon (8a+) and managed to figure all the moves so when its cold its going down!!!!!!!
Ceuse didn't go so well, I was sick for the first few days and then was weak from being generaly climbed out. So here I am, sitting on my couch ready to get stronger again. With 3 words of power in my head. TOP TOP TOP!!!

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