Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Success, disappointment and funding!

 I am feeling happy again after winning the BMC Youth Lead Open at Leads this weekend. Although on both qualifiers I managed the comedy move of missing the final hold! I really enjoyed the final route, making sure when I got to the top I got hold of that jug!

It was great to be winning again after I had a disappointing result at the European Youth Championship in Imst, the week before.  Which I will just put down to experience and very hot weather for a Lancashire lad.  I did enjoy catching up with friends on other international teams  After the qualifiers some of the GB and Irish team played ‘beach throw and catch’, where I joined the Irish team to balance numbers – my Irish granddad would have been proud of me. Obviously being a competitive bunch the result was important. I am pleased to say the Anglo-Irish team were the victors. 

Competition wall at Imst

Shortly before Imst, I received two grants! SportsAid, and Lancashire Rising Star!

Money has been pretty tight in our household the last year or so, and I have been applying for funding from various sources, quite often with no success. A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to find out I had been successful with a SportsAid nomination made about 6 months ago.  In the same week I find I had been selected for the Lancashire Rising Star Fund! What a great week. It is the most enormous relief to be able to help contribute towards the costs of trips abroad, fuel for getting to training and some coaching.

I hope this roll of feel good keeps going for AS results day in a weeks.

By Connor Byrne

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