Thursday, 12 September 2013


Its almost 2 months since my last blog.  I have managed to have some fantastic days in and out over the last 6 weeks, climbing on rock and plastic. Britain is a beautiful place and sometime we forget what is on our doorstep.
chilling on cornwall coast

Eden Project

Eden Project

Damaged Van on way home..

Ruby sad about the van dying

Virtual Crag Yesterday

Traversing with I> Vickers

Virtual Bouldering

 I’ve been to Trollers Gill, climbed in Cheddar George, had a few sessions in the cave, traversed at Longridge and had a rainy day a virtual crag in the lakes (but got rained off).
 I’m well keen to go back to Cheddar and do some more routes it’s a fantastic place.  I have also had a brilliant trip down to Cornwall sampling the amazing pasties and cider that the south west coast has to offer.  On heading back from Cornwall disaster struck and the van died resulting in a 13.5 hour trip home on the back of a tow truck and footing a massive bill.  But every cloud has a silver lining and now that I am no longer mobile, I have been cycling to work and getting fitter daily.
Gill Peet Crushing
Plans over the next few weeks include a bit of Malham time getting some new routes done and if the weather stays cool a bit of grit down the peak district for a change. 
Hopefully fingers, legs and toes crossed it will stay dry over the next few weeks.
Cheers Jee.

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