Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ethan Fowler

It was the final round of regional BRYCS today. The midlands climbing area had 3 rounds at The Tower in Leicester,  Wolf Mountain in Wolverhampton and today at Creation in Birmingham.

In the first 2 rounds I came away with a clean score card, topping all my routes and boulders. Today ended with a twist!
Myself and one other competitor topped all the climbs, so to determine first place we had a climb off.

Names were drawn and I was to climb second.

5 minutes were given to plan the climb. The crux was 2/3rds the way up the wall coming over a huge sloper to a small crimp. I thought once I was past the crimp the climb would relax. But no the sloper which followed was awkward and not a positive hold . As my shamans found purchase on the small crimp I pulled through and finished the climb with a big cheer hoping I had done enough.

1st place today and first place overall all for the midlands region.

Off to the finals in Scotland at Ratho at the end of June.

Training is now ramping up in preparation!!

Thank you to evolv for all their support, and amazing sticky shoes.

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