Sunday, 9 March 2014

Winter of bouldering - Adam Lincoln

Its not been a winter of very good weather for getting out. Certainly in my hunting grounds of The County, Dumbarton and the North West of Scotland. Lots of bad condition days in the county, but also some amazing ones too. Makes all the bad ones not matter so much. 

My list for the winter that i wanted to do was as follows. 

The Crack - 8a- Bowdem
Born Lippy - 8a - Bowden
Honeycomb Wall - Bowden
Manuka - Bowden
Working class - 8a+ - Bowden
Northern Territory - 7c+/8a Kyloe Out

So far the crack and born lippy have fallen, which still leave the others, with winter leaving us behind. 

Id also like a trip up to Torridon to tick a few more of the classics off up there. Hopefully in the next few weeks. 

Here are some vids and pics to keep the psyche high over the remaining winter months! 

This one is from Saturday at Hepburn. The classic and scary A northern soul. 7a+ or E5 depending on amount of pads! Thanks Sean Bell for the pic. 

And some videos of Born Lippy and The Crack. 

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