Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Evolv Nexxo review by Tom Williams

With a glove like fit the Evolv Nexxo provides infinite precision and power, the notorious love bump giving comfort, yet an enormous amount of control and sensitivity. In short this is a shoe which gives an amazing amount of feedback but is still comfortable enough that you don’t want to take it off after every attempt of a problem.

This has become my ‘go to’ shoe on overhanging terrain, the power in the toe box means you can really pull with your feet. They fare well on vertical wall problems as well, not suffering with rounded knuckle box of the Shamans quite as much! The only time I’ve recently switched to my Geshidos is when it all got a bit slabby. There is ample rubber over the top of the toe making toe hooks feel incredibly easy; even the most precarious ones.

As the shoe lends itself to a lower profile foot I've found the heel has a lack of security that was found with the Shamans, this doesn't mean the heel is bad, it’s just not the same as the Shamans. This been said it never feels like it’s going to peel off, however this being said, I've spoken to other people who have absolutely no trouble with the heel. As ever, it really is a case of if the shoe fits your foot.

Ultimately the Nexxo is ‘the’ shoe in the Evolv range for me.

To see them in action check out the video below:

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