Friday, 19 December 2014

2014 Success - Flo Tilley

2014, how quick has it gone! It's been year of pretty amazing firsts, red pointing my first 7c biological need at Kilnsey, competing in the first ever deep water solo competition in the UK at Exeter, and wining my last ever YCS.
DWS competition at Exeter

This year the first round of the Junior Lead Cup for 2015 was held at Awesome Walls, Sheffield in late November (previously called Open youth). The day, for me went well, although I didn’t actually reach the top of any of my routes I felt like I was fully involved, enjoying them, climbing them like I would like to, not letting the competition nerves throw me of course.

I qualified into finals in 3rd, to Molly and Tara. The route was long, working its way round the right of the comp wall. I felt strong as I started climbing, with what felt like good technique, climbing efficiently. However not even half way I went wrong handed , realised, reversed, then did it again, got my hand on the next undercut then came flying down; I felt like I could have got some much further but made a fundamental error. However this still finished me in 3rd (only with the skin of my teeth. The judge missed my final move). To me a successful day, I might not have got the highest I could but I enjoyed it. Personally I felt my actual climbing went well, with my head in its right place.

The following Sunday the Climbing Unit at Derby held the first boulder ‘youth cup’; catering amazingly for the number of competitors and the comp wall giving a great final to watch. However for me this day wasn't so successful... My strength was drained; months of training had finally caught up with me. I managed 3 tops in 3 attempts in my qualifiers (out of 8 climbs).  This unsurprisingly did not see me through to the finals! Although I knew, and accepted my peak was over I was still gutted; I love boulder finals.

In the middle of all this I had my grade 8 piano exam to fit in. Typical that all the stress comes at once. It was, as an understatement, a hard time in the run up to it all.

These youth cups were also used as team trials for the GB team. I was hoping to get re-selected for the last 2 years, however it didn’t happen. I am frustrated but recognize that my climbing, although I feel like has developed still isn't at the right standard to compete in an international field. And to me I feel like I'm only at the start of a long journey, I know I have a long way to go but I’m psyched to train and want to carry on competing internationally past juniors comps- I love it, they can’t get rid of me yet!
DWS competition at Exeter

So 2014 a successful year, 4th in the senior category of the first deep water solo comp at Exeter, 4th in the junior BLCC, 6th in the senior BLCC, 3rd in my first comp in the junior category, managing hard redpoints outside and a merit in my grade 8 piano. Not too shabby!

I'm excited to what next year will hold. And my main aim? Get stronger!

Have a good Christmas X

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