Sunday, 2 February 2014

Last year's comp, new year's plan- Flo Tilley

Photo credit: Pete Wuensche
Last year I spent all my time training with the goal of getting back on the team for this year. However, this year has come and I’m still not back on.   

December 2013, I competed in the Youth Open, it being also the GB team selection, at my home wall, the Foundry, Sheffield. The bouldering comp, held at the works, was once again the day before the leading so not wanting to ruin my body, I resisted all temptation and didn’t compete on the Saturday.

Sunday did not start well. We got to the wall thinking we rd on didn’t help the situation. I didn’t climb amazing for the first qualifier; my head wasn’t calm or focused, never the less I still got a decent way up. The second qualifier flowed much better, only a clip away from topping out. Even with the dodgy started I still managed to secure a 4th place into the final and this route was on the almost vert wall, a style which I really enjoy. As I got on I felt good, my head was in its right place and the moves felt controlled and fluid, however as I came off, as always, I was slightly frustrated as I didn’t actually top out. Over all I kept my position going into the final and finished 4th place.
had loads of time to warm up, however it turned out that we missed read the time and I only had 30 minutes to get ready, and being 3

Photo credit: Pete Wuensche
So the weekend didn’t go as much to plan as I hoped and neither did the selection but since the New Year I am as psyched as ever to train harder. With new angles to my training and coaching, I can see my self reaching further and cranking harder! Bring on 2014!!

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